Transmission Service Aurora

Transmission Service

Symptoms Your Vehicle May Need a Transmission Service

  • Red fluid leaking from your vehicle
  • Your vehicle is not shifting correctly
  • Your vehicle seems to stay in gear too long
  • Hearing hard thuds or your vehicle jerks when shifting
  • Delay when putting your vehicle into gear
  • Odd noises when putting your vehicle into gear

Transmission service can be expensive, but without a properly working transmission, your vehicle cannot run. If your vehicle’s transmission isn’t shifting properly, you’ll notice a bumpy ride because the energy isn’t transmitting smoothly from the engine to the wheels. Your vehicle may buck or stall, or if your transmission is really in trouble, you may even see smoke coming from under the hood. All of these symptoms indicate a major problem needing to be inspected immediately.

Fix minor transmission problems before they become major issues to avoid a costly vehicle repair down the road. If any of the above symptoms or any of the following transmission problems are apparent in your vehicle, bring it in to the ASE Certified vehicle technicians at Elite Autoworx. Auto Repair for an inspection:

Noises: When you’re on the road, turn off your radio and listen to your vehicle. Get to know what your vehicle normally sounds like so you will be able to detect unusual noises and have your vehicle inspected for potential issues or damage. Transmission noises that indicate trouble brewing include whining noises, especially under the floorboards while your vehicle moves from gear to gear.

Changes in shifting: Whether you have a vehicle with an automatic or a manual transmission, if it is in good condition, it should move smoothly between gears. If you feel jolting or the vehicle bucks during a shift, it is time to bring your vehicle in to have it inspected.

Save Money with Transmission Inspections

If you notice these or any other changes in your vehicle, bring it in to Elite Autoworx. Auto Repair in Aurora, CO, for our ASE Certified vehicle technicians to inspect. We will inspect your entire vehicle and present vehicle repair recommendations to you. Give us a call at (303) 340-4887, or schedule a transmission inspection or repair today!

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