You may have already experienced that a car battery doesn’t last forever. If you’re in need of a car battery replacement for your car or light truck, seek the expert assistance of our car battery specialists at Elite Autoworx auto repair center Aurora. We will not only install a new, high-quality leading-brand battery to bring your vehicle back to life but will also recycle your old used battery for you.

If your car truck is experiencing problems with starting and is no longer reliable, there may be car battery problems caused:

  • Poor connections
  • Excessive corrosion
  • Build upon battery posts

car battery service AuroraAsk our experienced auto repair technicians at Elite Autoworx to inspect and clean your car battery cables and terminals of built-up corrosion. An anti-corrosion spray can also be applied to prevent further corrosion on the battery posts. This professional car repair combined with a new leading-brand battery is a trusted way to ensure your vehicle will start quickly in any weather conditions.

Battery Installation Service
Are you aware that an automotive battery needs to be replaced every few years? This is true no matter how often you take your car for maintenance. When the time for battery replacement comes around, most car owners don’t have the time and necessary experience to install a new battery. At Elite Autoworx auto repair Aurora, we will help you determine whether your car needs a new battery or not. If the battery is dead and can’t be recharged, we will help you with new battery installation. Call us today.

Battery Recycling Service

Since automotive batteries contain a number of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, dead batteries should be recycled to save the environment from pollution. Battery recycling is the process aimed at reducing the number of batteries being disposed of as solid waste. The process reduces the risks of soil contamination and water pollution. Elite Autoworx Auto Repair Center Aurora provides a battery recycling service. Call us today for your car battery replacement service.

Battery Testing and Charging Service
Battery testing is the process of examining an automotive battery to gather useful information about individual cells and the battery. Although, battery testing is fairly simple and straightforward (and only requires a few basic tools), the test results are not straightforward. Need to charge your car battery? call Elite Autoworx, Auto repair center in Aurora for free car battery charging service.

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